Press Release: Solicitor Condemns UK Government for Abuse of Parliamentary Process Over Article 50 Bill and Calls for Immediate Lobby of Parliament


Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union faces potential Judicial Review of claim that the Bill is compatible with Human Rights law.

The UK Government has today published a Bill to give the Prime Minister permission to notify the EU that the UK intends to withdraw for its membership.

The Bill contains two main provisions, the first, giving permission to the Prime Minister to notify under the relevant treaty, and second, for the notification to take place irrespective of any other laws made by Parliament, not just the European Communities Act 1972.

The UK Government plans to fast track the Bill through Parliament, without having published a detailed white paper first or any analysis of the consequences of withdrawing from the EU.

David Davis MP, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union has certified the Bill as compatible with the Human Rights Act, but has not provided any evidence to back this claim.

The Secretary of State now faces potential judicial review of his statement.

Additionally, the Bill comes without any regulatory assessment of its consequences (if passed by Parliament), there has been no consultation with any outside stakeholder groups and there are no equalities impacts assessments.

All of the above would inform discussion, parliamentary debate and let people know what the likely impact could be of withdrawing from the EU on either their private lives or businesses.

Daniel Donaldson, the Director of Legal Spark and a qualified Solicitor said:

“The Government’s approach here is an affront to the rule of law

“To introduce legislation in this way is something that we would expect of North Korea, not of the UK Parliament which prides itself of being called “the mother of parliaments”

"There is no white paper. There is no analysis of the effect of withdrawal from the EU on people’s daily lives

“It's scary and dangerous that the UK Government believes its acceptable to ignore every other law in the Country just because they didn’t like being told what to do by the UK Supreme Court

“People don’t realise what is happening here. It’s time to wake up and hold our Politicians to account

“The Government is abusing its position in Parliament to override your legal rights with no discussion, no debate, no information being provided and no compensation being paid

“Does this sound familiar – maybe North Korea?

“To politicians of all parties, private citizens, community groups, charities, trade unions, religious and non-religious organisations join together now and lobby Parliament

“Contact your MPs, lobby Parliament and shout as hard as you can because the rule of law is being ignored

“We all have a shared responsibility to respect the rule of law

“The UK Government must accept this too, otherwise we all sleep walk into tyranny”


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