Empowering individuals, organisations and communities.

Legal Spark is a law centre unlike any other. We represent individuals as well as organisations just like any other firm except that our profits are reinvested in promoting access to justice. We are the first law centre in Scotland to operate as a social enterprise.



We can help you with employment law, equality and discrimination claims, legal communications, tenancy or property problems, general legal advice and dispute resolution. 



For small businesses, non profits and social enterprises, we assist with commercial leasing, business formation, governance, contracts, dispute resolution and employment law. 

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Legal Spark is the trading name of Legal Spark Law Centre Ltd (Sc509947) registered at the address above. We are a Law Centre as defined by the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980. Our profits are reinvested for social purposes and not distributed to shareholders. We are not a firm of Solicitors.

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